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Poly Studio Help Documentation

Instructions for using Library Poly systems in group study, conference, or class rooms.

Poly Studio Mixed Wired and Wireless Projection

Mixing Wired and Wireless Projection

The Poly Studio's camera, microphone, and speaker can be used while also allowing other devices in the room to project wirelessly, but the initial order of connection must be as follows.

  1. Verify no device is connected wired or wirelessly to the Poly Studio
    1. There can be no number in a red circle on the Content icon
  2. Select Device Mode on the touch panel
  3. Connect the two wires to the laptop that will be using the Poly's camera, microphone, and speaker
  4. After the wired laptop has successfully selected the Poly's camera, microphone, and speaker, other devices may wirelessly connect
    1. You may switch the wall monitor between devices inside the Content icon on the touch panel

if a laptop is connected wirelessly to the Poly (thus putting the Poly into Content mode with a number inside a red circle on the touch panel's Content icon), a wired laptop cannot successfully use Device Mode.  To clear Content mode, disconnect every device, wired and wireless, from the Poly and wait for the red number to disappear from the Content icon.