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An introduction to Virgo, the Library's catalog of resources.

Virgo Citation Features

Virgo has useful citation features built into the catalog. When you have performed a search, items will be displayed in a list of boxes. Each box will include a Cite tool link.

Virgo book record with citation feature highlighted

Clicking the link displays a citation popup with options to choose a citation style. These include

  • MLA - Used by students and scholars in the humanities.
  • APA - Used by students and scholars in the social sciences, especially in the fields of psychology and sociology. 
  • Chicago - The Chicago Notes & Bibliography style is used by students and scholars in the humanities; the Chicago Author-Date style is used by students and scholars in the physical and social sciences.
  • Bluebook - Used by law students and legal professionals.

Using the "Copy Citation" button will place the citation in your computer's clipboard, allowing you to paste it into your document.

In addition, you are given the option to download an RIS file, which can be read and used by citation software such as Zotero, EndNote, and others. These tools can save you much time and effort in your work.  Here is more information about citation software. 

Virgo citation tool popup window with RIS file download option highlighted