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An introduction to Virgo, the Library's catalog of resources.

Filtering/Limiting Results

When searching, you may have specific criteria for the results you would like to see displayed.  Virgo allows you to filter your search based on a variety of criteria including date of publication, format, and language (plus much more!). 

We'll examine a few of the most common filters:

Availability indicates if the resource is online and accessible anywhere or if it is a physical item that you will need to retrieve. 
Availability filter

Resource Type notes the format of the material.
Virgo Resource Type filter

Library indicates where the item is located if it is in a physical format.  You can expand this list by selecting 'See More.'
Virgo Library filter results

The Language filter will allow you to select publication or audio language (in the case of video).  You can expand this list by selecting 'See More.'
Virgo search results Language filter

Date will allow you to narrow results by time period.  
Virgo search Date filter results


There are many other filters you can use to quickly and efficiently narrow or expand your search results.

See Advanced Search to construct detailed searches with multiple filters and criteria.