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An introduction to Virgo, the Library's catalog of resources.

Anatomy of a Search Result

We'll take a look at two different search result records and note some of the important pieces we will need to retrieve those resources.

Physical Item
The following is the search result for the book, The Making of Environmental Law by Richard Lazarus.  Note the areas highlighted in red.

Search result for The Making of Environmental Law with the format, availability, and call number featured

As you see, the Title and Author are listed at the top. 
Under Format, we see that this resource is a book.
Availability indicates that it is on the shelf (not checked out) and that there are copies in both Clemons Library and the Law Library.
The Call Number is the information you will use to find and locate the book in the 'stacks.'  The 'stacks' are what librarians call the shelves where books are kept.  If you are unfamiliar with what a call number is, you may wish to review the information in the box titled 'Understanding Call Numbers' below. 

If I look further down on the search results page, I find Shelf Browse.  This feature displays our books in call number order as if all of our libraries were combined in one building. This is particularly helpful for your research as UVA Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System that classifies and shelves 'like' content together.  It pays to take some time to 'shelf surf' for additional, potentially relevant titles. 

Shelf browse for Virgo search result

Online Item

The following is the search result for the book, Our Changing Environment: Grade K STEM Road Map for Elementary School. Note the areas highlighted in red.

Virgo search result for 'Our Changing Environment: Grade K STEM Road Map for Elementary School' with title, authors, format, availability, and online access featured

The Title and Authors are listed at the top. 
Under Format, we see that this resource is an EBook--or a book that is available online.
Availability confirms that the way to access this resource is online. Some online resources are only available to UVA faculty, staff, or students. This may mean that you will need to sign in to view this content.
Since the resource is online, we can ignore the call number.  What we will need to do is click Library Catalog (Access Online).  We may be prompted to Netbadge authenticate once more.  At that point, we will be taken to the result which appears as follows:
Our Changing Environment online book result with DOI and download options featured.


Different searches will generate different results.  If you ever have questions or problems accessing any of our resources, please Ask a Librarian!

Understanding Call Numbers

The University of Virginia Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System to organize its materials.
A call number is similar to a street address, giving you the information to find this exact book in one of our libraries.  

If you were visiting a friend that lived in Boston, you would need more information from them before knowing where to find them.  Knowing that they lived in Boston would not be enough.  You would need to know a street and a specific number.

The image below gives you an overview of the call number structure.  

Call number that indicates the first line is alphabetical order, the second line is read as a whole number, the third line is a combination of a letter and numbers, and the final line is the publication date

Once you have a library location and a call number from Virgo, you can find your item. If you have any questions, the staff at that library's front desk will be happy to help you.