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Simulating Hurrricane Katrina (Katrinasim)

This guide outlines some resources available for studying and understanding the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

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VIRGO Tips and Hints

Some things to remember when searching VIRGO:

  • Start your research broadly, then narrow down specifically to what you want; don't be too specific too soon
  • Use single quotes in VIRGO (but not most other databases) to search for phrases
  • Use the $ truncation symbol to look for all forms of a word
  • Use the Boolean connectors AND, OR and NOT along with ( ) to improve specificity
  • Try various combinations of terms and synonyms to insure best coverage
  • Omit the words A, AN and THE at the beginning of a title in all languages
  • Search for authors' names in the form LASTNAME FIRSTNAME with no comma
  • Remember that British English and American English sometimes spell the same word differently (e.g. CENTRE and CENTER) and use different words for the same thing (e.g. PETROL and GASOLINE) -- you must search both ways to find everything

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