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Simulating Hurrricane Katrina (Katrinasim)

This guide outlines some resources available for studying and understanding the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Using Databases to Find Journal and Magazine Articles

A large amount of the information you will need for Katrinasim is found in magazine and journal articles.  There are literally hundreds of specialized databases available for finding this kind of information.  Note that VIRGO does not index magazines and journals at the article level -- you must use an article database to research the contents of journals!  If you need more help, ask a librarian for assistance in finding and using the best databases for the kind of information you need!

Most of these databases are available from off-Grounds, too – and many contain links to the articles themselves.  Click for details on off-Grounds access.

Journal and Magazine Indexes

Newspaper and Television News Indexes

Find@UVa Button

Use the Find@UVA button in your database search results to search for the full text of that journal article online. The results may sometimes look a little confusing, so don't hesitate to ask for help!

Scholarly or Popular?

Is the journal or magazine you're looking at scholarly or popular?  Or a trade journal?  How can you tell the difference?  Take a look at the guide page below for more help and information!

How to Determine Whether a Periodical is Popular or Scholarly