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Simulating Hurrricane Katrina (Katrinasim)

This guide outlines some resources available for studying and understanding the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Pictures and Images (Still Images)

A good picture goes a long way toward making your paper or presentation more interesting and understandable.  You should always assume that any image you find on the web carries copyright restrictions, unless it is clearly indicated as being in the public domain or otherwise freely available, and you should check with the owner of an image before using it in papers or presentations if you have doubts about its copyright status. This is especially true if you intend to make your paper or presentation publicly available outside of class, e.g. as a web page or printed document. You should always properly credit the source for any image you use regardless of its origin or copyright status.  See separate box below for sources of video images.

Pictures and Images (Video)

See the box above for information on sources of still images.


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