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STS Thesis Guide

A complete overview to the thesis process in STS 4500/4600 from the history to binding.

Thesis Binding

Thesis Binding Guide

In order to support preservation of your Engineering Portfolio, all final copies of the fourth year Engineering Thesis must be bound before being handed in to your STS professor. Please make sure that all parts of your portfolio are included before binding.

The requirements for binding are:

1. Velo Binding

Velo binding is a process of punching several small holes into the edge of a document and inserting a small plastic strip that holds the portfolio together. It is also referred to as strip binding. This type of binding is more stable and easier to repair than other types. It will help to ensure that all the pages of your portfolio are still there - even in 100 years!

**Spiral or core binding will not be accepted**

2. Clear plastic/vinyl front

3. Black plastic/vinyl back


Where to Go

There are several locations in Charlottesville where you can get your portfolio bound with the Velo binding:

ALC Copies


UVA Printing and Copying Services

**Staples and the UPS Store do not offer Velo Binding**