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SEAS Thesis Portfolio Guide

A complete overview to the thesis portfolio from the history to submission.

Finding STS Thesis in the Library

Engineering Portfolios


Online Thesis Portfolios

2020 to Present that have been submitted online through Libra, the UVA LIbrary's digital repository

From there, you can keyword search, search for a name, or other criteria. 

Use the toolbar on the left-hand side of the page to limit by advisor (under Author) or by Subject. 

Print Thesis Portfolios

1940 to 2019 SEAS undergraduate theses available in print in the Library's collection.

The list is sorted from newest to oldest. Just as for the list above, you can search by added a keyword, name, or any other criteria. 

All print portfolios are storage at Ivy Stacks and can be accessed via request. If you've never requested something from Ivy before this guide will walk you through how to do it. Otherwise, they check out just like a book and you're welcome to pull any that you're interested in. 

You may have to hunt a little, the record only includes the titles of both the STS thesis and the techincal/capstone project. So searching can be tricky.