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STS Thesis Guide

A complete overview to the thesis process in STS 4500/4600 from the history to binding.

Finding STS Thesis in the Library

Engineering Portfolios

All SEAS Thesis Portfolios (that aren't embargoed) since the 1940s have been turned over to the library, cataloged, and added to the library collection. They're only available in print but check out just like a book and you're welcome to pull any that you're interested in. The records for each one is available in Virgo and can be found by searching "Thesis b.s. AND" with anything you'd like to try to find - the authors name, faculty advisor, or a general subject.

You may have to hunt a little, the record only includes the titles of both the STS thesis and the techincal/capstone project. So searching can be tricky.

Because of space, only the last 10 years are housed in Brown Science and Engineering Library. The rest are located in Ivy Stacks. They're still available. You'll just need to select "Request from Ivy Stacks" to have them delivered to the library of your choice so that you can check them out.

<Image of Ivy Stacks record>

Here's a quick link with the search filled out for you:

If you'd prefer to peruse the titles available in the library, they're located in the low bookcases to the left of the entrance to Brown Library.

<Map Coming Soon!>

They're organized by department, year, and how the order that they were entered into the catalog. So if you are looking for this thesis:

ME 2016026 stands for the Mechanical Engineering section, submitted in 2016, and it's the 026 thesis cataloged in that group.

(That final number can from from the 20s to over 100 depended on how much people graduated from a single department in any given year)
<Map by Department Coming Soon!>