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SEAS Thesis Portfolio Guide

A complete overview to the thesis portfolio from the history to submission.

Undergraduate Journals

UVA Undergraduate Journals

  • Seriatim Journal of American Politics 
    • "We hope to provide an avenue through which the genuine political speech of undergraduate students may better be heard and shared with the community at large. Thus, Seriatim was born—an attempt to tangibly create Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes’s conception of the “marketplace of ideas,” in which different opinions freely compete for the validation of the many. By using academic papers as well as original work, we hope to bring greater meaning to students’ work inside the classroom by making it accessible to a wider audience. We encourage you to contribute to the undergraduate marketplace of ideas, either by submitting a paper you wrote for your politics class or by writing an original article on an issue of your choosing."
    • Submissions must relate to American politics or political theory.
  • The Spectra: The Virginia Engineering and Science Research Journal
    • "The undergraduate research journal at the School of Engineering and Applied Science at University of Virginia. We aim to publish prominent undergraduate research annually with three-fold purposes: to provide undergraduates in the engineering and applied science fields, to promote the community of research, and to serve as an educational and recruiting tool for prospective students. "
  • Virginia Policy Review
    • "Strives to publish work that will impact the wider policy debate. Our mission is to do this through a variety of journalistic mediums including research, opinion pieces, interviews, and book reviews. We value our responsibility to promote the work produced by graduate students at the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy alongside professionals and policymakers."

All Undergraduate Research Journals 

STS Undergraduate Journals

Engineering Undergraduate Journals

  • American Journal of Undergraduate Research
    • A national, independent, faculty peer-reviewed, open-source, quarterly, multidisciplinary student research journal.
  • Berkeley Scientific Journal - University of California, Berkeley
    • Started in 1996, Berkeley Scientific Journal (BSJ) is the official and oldest undergraduate science journal of the University of California, Berkeley. Each semester, BSJ publishes feature articles; interviews with faculty; and peer-reviewed, independent research articles spanning diverse scientific disciplines
  • Bioengineering Student Journal - University of Illinois at Chicago
    • "Our goal is to provide undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to develop scholarly writing skills to help build a successful career in their line of work. We want to be able to introduce students to the process of submission, review, and revision in an academic publishing environment. Students can take on many roles which include authors, reviewers, editors and social media managers. BSJ’s goal is to focus on structure, format, and context rather than grades, deadlines or exams."
  • The Catalyst Research Journal 
    • A new journal focusing on bioengineering, biomedical engineering, and related fields. The Catalyst was created by a group of undergraduate students who came together with an idea to increase student interest and involvement in research on campus. Students may submit articles online.
  • Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal - Columbia University
    • The Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal is a peer-reviewed, professional-level, open-access, academic publication that is committed to publishing manuscripts of the highest scholarship resulting from significant scientific research or outstanding scientific analysis. Each paper published in the CUSJ undergoes a double-blind peer-review process facilitated by the journal's Editorial Review Board and a faculty review by a member of the Faculty Advisory Board. The CUSJ has two primary goals. First, the CUSJ aims to (1) publish works of the highest scholarship authored primarily by undergraduates. Second, the CUSJ aims to (2) educate students about the academic publication process, both from the inside as a member of the CUSJ staff and from the outside as a submitter to a scientific journal with academic standards that are as rigorous as any professional-level scientific publication.
  • Explorations - Texas A&M University-College Station
    • Explorations is a student-run journal guided by faculty and administrators that selects and publishes student-authored articles of general interest in any area. Articles are submitted in a two-stage process: first, proposals for articles are reviewed by faculty-student teams; second, the resulting full-length articles undergo a second round of peer review. Acceptance to the journal is competitive—only 10-20 percent of submitted proposals are accepted. Recently published articles have been from a wide range of academic fields: music, creative poetry, forensics, cancer biology, astrophysics, nanomedicine, computer algorithms, business, geosciences, sociology, aerospace engineering, and cultural anthropology.
  • The International Journal for Undergraduate Research - Science, Engineering & Technology (IJUR-SET) - Qatar Foundation
    • The International Journal for Undergraduate Research - Science, Engineering & Technology (IJUR-SET) is a peer-reviewed journal for undergraduate work of the highest caliber. Its goals are to add to the body of knowledge in science and technology fields and to showcase the outstanding research activities of undergraduates. It provides a forum for students to publicly share their research, offering opportunities for exposing their work to potential graduate programs and employers. The journal accepts individual and collaborative research reports, formally written by the undergraduate students. Faculty-mentored research papers will also be considered. Any undergraduate student may submit work to this journal, and to be eligible for publication, the research must be faculty mentored. Submissions are accepted at any time. The Journal publishes twice a year (February and September).
  • Journal of Young Investigators
    • "Dedicated to representing undergraduate research in biological/biomedical sciences, physical sciences, mathematics and engineering, psychology and social sciences. We accept submissions of original research articles and literature review articles from undergraduate students."
  • National Undergraduate Research Clearinghouse - Missouri Western State University
    • The Clearinghouse is an online journal for undergraduates in any STEM fields (Science Technology Engineering and Math) discipline to disseminate their research.
  • Pursue: Undergraduate Research Journal - Prairie View A&M University
    • "Provides undergraduates an avenue to publish their original research articles in the following areas: (but not limited to) psychology, sociology, biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, computer science, mathematics, humanities, agriculture, architecture, business, and education."
  • Pursuit: The Journal of Undergraduate Research - University of Tennessee at Knoxville
    • Pursuit: The Journal of Undergraduate Research was founded in 2009. Pursuit is dedicated to publishing the scholarly work of undergraduates and is supported by the University of Tennessee Office of Research and the Chancellor’s Honors Program. The editors and review board are undergraduate students who consider and review submissions and work with select faculty and staff to publish Pursuit. All submissions must be double spaced and must be no longer than 30 pages (for Humanities and Social Sciences papers) or 15 pages (for Science and Engineering papers). Please use endnotes instead of footnotes. Submissions in the Sciences and Engineering fields should be written in the third person and should contain the following categories: abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion/conclusions, references
  • Spectrum - University of Alberta
    • Spectrum is a student-run, interdisciplinary journal that strives to publish diverse and engaging research completed by undergraduate students within and across the areas of health sciences, natural sciences and engineering, social sciences, arts and humanities. English-language submissions are welcome from undergraduate students at any postsecondary institution. Spectrum is managed by the Undergraduate Research Initiative at the University of Alberta