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STS Thesis Guide

A complete overview to the thesis process in STS 4500/4600 from the history to binding.

Thesis Process

So you've finished your STS thesis and your technical report?



Here's what you need to do next!

  1. Print it. One copy. With everything you need.
    1. Here's what it should include
    2. Here's what it should look like
    3. Here's a checklist so that you can make sure you didn't forget anything!
  2. Have it bound! 
    1. Not sure how to bind your thesis? Go here for instructions!
  3. Turn it in to your STS professor!


From there, the library takes over!

We'll pick them up, haul them over to Alderman to be cataloged, add them to Virgo, and put them on the shelves in Brown Library!


What if I don't want my thesis portfolio in the Library just yet?!?

That's okay! Your work is yours. Even though it's in the library, you still own the copyright.

You're welcome to embargo your thesis portfolio and set a date when you'd like your work added to the library's collection. All you need to do is:

  1. Let your STS and Technical Faculty members know that you'd like to embargo
  2. Email the STS Librarian, Maggie, to let her know
  3. Place a post-it on the title page of your portfolio with:
    1. EMBARGO
    2. Start date of embargo
    3. End date of embargo
    4. Your signature!

And you're set! You're thesis will be safely tucked away until the date you want it to appear on the shelves.