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An overview for installing, setting up, and using the bibliographic manager Zotero. Based on guide created by Jason Puckett and licensed by Georgia State University Library at

Creating Bibliographies with Zotero

There are two common ways to create a bibliography with Zotero. 

One great option is the use the Word Add-on. This will be automatically installed with you add the Zotero App to your computer. 

Another option is to create a quick and easy bibliography straight from your Zotero Library. It's easy to create by selecting various Items or by selecting an entire Collection (or Folder). 

To create a bibliography from Items, select the Item you wish need to cite. To create a bibliography with multiple Items, you can select the first and then hold the "shift" key in order to select additional Items. 

Right click the selected Items and choose the option "Create Bibliography from Item" This will create a pop-up box that will allow you to select the citation format and how you want to export the bibliography. 

Two Options to Create a Bibliography