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Peer-to-Peer Digital Accessibility Workshop 8/7/19

Join your UVA peers to share and get help with digital accessibility challenges. This event is intended for managers, developers, designers, instructors, content creators and leaders of all kinds!

Speakers and Topics

Track One - Overview, Cultural Change, and Workflows 5-Minute Presentations

Welcome and overview for the day

What's happening with digital accessibility at UVA

  • Lori Kressin, Coordinator of Academic Accessibility, Executive Vice President & Provost Office
    • (See 'Welcome' presentation.)

Universal design and accessibility: Powerful partners

Putting digital accessibility into practice - a leadership perspective

  • Zach Wheat, Director of Digital Communications, College & Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
    • No slides available

Track Two - Technical Problem-Solving 5-min. Presentations

Color contrast: How to evaluate your website from a non-visual perspective

Making forms accessible

Manual testing to find what automated testing misses

Making UVACollab Quiz Stats Look/Sound Better for All

Track Three - Content and Design Solutions 5-min. Presentations

Alternatives to using carousels

Demo: How to make PDFs accessible

Captioning, transcripts, and audio descriptions: Tips and tools

  • Steven Villereal, Audiovisual Conservator, UVA Library
    • No slides available.

Demo and progress report: FRAME and EMMA grant project


Workshop facilitators (wearing smiley face stickers on their name tags)

Speakers listed above and also:

  • Melinda Baumann, User Experience Librarian, UVA Library
  • Jeremy Boggs, Head of Research and Development - Scholars' Lab, UVA Library
  • Doug Chestnut, Lead User Experience Web Developer, UVA Library
  • Bill Corey, Research Data Management Librarian, UVA Library
  • Ruth Dillon, Project Associate, UVA Library
  • Corey Krall, Senior Web Developer/Designer, UVA Health System
  • Laura Miller, Head of Public Services, UVA Library Scholars' Lab
  • Jeanne Pardee, User Experience Coordinator, UVA Library
  • Jasmin Perez, User Experience User Interface Designer, UVA Library
  • Chris Ruotolo, Director, Research in the Arts and Humanities, UVA Library
  • Benjamin Walter, Business Analyst, UVA Alumni Association