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Peer-to-Peer Digital Accessibility Workshop 8/7/19

Join your UVA peers to share and get help with digital accessibility challenges. This event is intended for managers, developers, designers, instructors, content creators and leaders of all kinds!

Track One - Overview, Cultural Change, and Workflows

Recommended pre-workshop reading

Opening, introductions, and 5-minute presentations (40 mins.)

  • Learn about plans for the day
  • Get to know people at your tables
  • Listen to 5-minute presentations

Group Activity #1 (10 mins.)

  • Watch video
  • Discuss notable observations with your table

Group Activity #2 (40 mins.)


What challenges do you face in creating and sustaining a culture and practice that supports making the UVA digital environment accessible? What help do you need?


  1. Get in groups of 3.
  2. Select one person who will be the 'client'; The other two group members will be 'consultants'.
  3. Client: Think individually about the prompt and the question you will ask (1 min.).
  4. Client: Share your question with the consultants (1-2 mins.).
  5. Consultants: Ask the client clarifying questions (1-2 mins.)
  6. Client: Turn so that your back faces the consultants.
  7. Consultants: Generate ideas, suggestions, coaching advice (4-5 mins.).
  8. Client: Turn around to face the consultants; Share what you found most valuable about the experience (1-2 mins.)
  9. All: Switch to the next client and repeat so that everyone has a turn to be the client
  10. Volunteers (by table): Share notable ideas with the large group

(Credit: Exercise employs the Liberating Structure, Troika Consulting)

Get lunch

  • Lunch will be located at two locations near the back of the room (one on either side).
  • Consider switching tables at this time.