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Peer-to-Peer Digital Accessibility Workshop 8/7/19

Join your UVA peers to share and get help with digital accessibility challenges. This event is intended for managers, developers, designers, instructors, content creators and leaders of all kinds!

Notes for Attendees


We're thrilled you chose to spend the day learning about digital accessibility. The notes below should help prepare you to have a productive and fun session.

Meeting space and logistics

Location and registration


Scheduling details

  • The session starts at 10:00a.m. You're highly encouraged to arrive early due to high attendance. This will help everyone get seated promptly and start on-time.
  • We've scheduled some downtime during the session, but please allow breaks and practice whatever self-care you need for a pleasant session. Taking urgent calls and emails is ok too!
  • A buffet-style lunch will arrive during the first session but you will be instructed when it's time to plate yourself (around 11:30a.m.).
  • Some attendees will enter and exit throughout the day as some people signed up for one or two sessions.
  • Please double-check your registration: We reached capacity for this event, so we can only accommodate those who have a confirmed spot. If we have no-shows we may be able to accommodate you, but please check with a facilitator.
    • Hint: Your name badge will indicate the track(s) you're registered for.


What to bring

  • Bring a laptop and charger if you have them. Most tables will be equipped with power strips. If someone at your table doesn't have a laptop, please share your screen with someone else as many exercises require web searching.
  • If you're sensitive to temperatures, bring layers of clothing to adjust as you need.
  • Pen and paper if you'd like to take handwritten notes (flipcharts and markers will be provided).
  • A flexible attitude! We're trying some new things with a diverse group, so we'll have to adjust as we go.


Other helpful info

  • Use the microphone when addressing the full group. Always. It's the accessible thing to do.
  • Sit with people who you don't know. We want a lot of mingling to happen!
  • Be on the lookout for facilitators with smiley face stickers on their name badges. They're prepared to help you.
  • All session deliverables will be photographed, transcribed, and posted on the website - Be sure to label documents with the Track and Exercise so we can group them later.
  • A Google Doc is available for you to share pressing needs, observations, questions, or concerns anonymously or by name if you want a follow-up reply. Facilitators will monitor the Doc periodically. The short URL is:
    • ​Attendees can also offer their help on this doc! Just identify yourself next to a question to connect.
  • Use the hashtag #uvaa11y to Tweet away!

Recommended pre-workshop readings

You can always select some readings from the Readings and Resources page, but the following will be particularly helpful preparation for the day's activities:

Track One

ADA Lawsuit Prompts Institutional Change, Draws More Students (5/22/19, Inside Higher Ed)

  • Atlantic Cape Community College reformed its accessibility practices after a disability discrimination lawsuit. Now students with disabilities are enrolling in record numbers.


Track Two



Track Three

Alternative text (WebAim)