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Peer-to-Peer Digital Accessibility Workshop 8/7/19

Join your UVA peers to share and get help with digital accessibility challenges. This event is intended for managers, developers, designers, instructors, content creators and leaders of all kinds!

Track Two - Technical Problem-Solving

5-minute presentations (25 mins.)​

  • Listen to 5-minute presentations

Group Activity (up to 90 mins.)


With the people at your table, you are going to research and teach the large group about a digital accessibility pitfall and how to avoid it.

Useful resources


Step one: Choose one of the two options below
  1. Agree to work on a challenge or question that one of your peers brought with them to the session

  2. Choose from one of these common digital accessibility problem spots/topics:
    • Complex data tables
    • Forms
    • Navigation
    • Page structure
    • Dynamic content (using WAI-ARIA)
    • Video and multimedia
    • Infographics
Step two: Do research

Your table will research and share information about your selected topic so that the entire group can benefit from your expertise and examples. By the end of 45 mins., prepare a brief presentation in which you:

  • Identify common violations for these elements and how they impact the user experience for persons with and without disabilities.
  • Identify the most pertinent web standards for this topic.
  • Describe some strategies for avoiding these pitfalls; Make recommendations for how you would test for compliance.
  • Identify a website with this element and whether it's compliant or not. Address what it does right or wrong.
  • List any outstanding questions or areas of ambiguity.
  • List any helpful tools or resources you used.
Step three: Present (as many groups will present as time permits)
  • Choose members of your group who are willing to present to the full group.
  • Use the large flip chart paper to record your work (all work will be photographed, transcribed, and uploaded to this website).
  • You may use the house computer and projector to show websites.

Transition to Track Three (~5 mins.)

Break time!