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Peer-to-Peer Digital Accessibility Workshop 8/7/19

Join your UVA peers to share and get help with digital accessibility challenges. This event is intended for managers, developers, designers, instructors, content creators and leaders of all kinds!

Track Three - Content and Design Solutions

Recommended pre-conference readings

5-minute presentations (25 mins.)​

  • Listen to 5-minute presentations

Exercise #1: Writing alternative text (up to 20 mins.)

Step One: Read or review

Step Two: Find a partner and a website(s)

  • With a partner, select one or more websites with images so that you have more than 5 images total to evaluate.

Step Three: Write!

Bonus Step (Optional): Evaluate

  • Identify the alt text in use (if present) on the sites you selected and evaluate whether you believe this is a good or bad example and why.

Step Four: Share

  • Volunteers will be asked to share their alternative text examples with the entire group, along with any learnings and lingering questions. (Depending on time.)

Exercise #2: Structuring content for good design (45 mins.)

For this exercise, we're going to evaluate content structure and design for accessibility using real-world examples.

Setting the tone

Step One: Find a website

  • With the people at your table, identify a website that has a variety unique elements such as text, images, videos, forms, interactive elements, visual design elements, documents, etc. (It doesn't need to have all of these elements, just a good mix so that you're not evaluating anything too simple). If you don't know of one you'd like to review, consider choosing from the websites below:


Step Two: Evaluate

As a group at your table, use the information below to assess whether the overall website (structure, design, and content) are accessible:

You may also want to use the WAVE tool to find errors.

Record your notes on the large flip chart paper.


Step Three: Share

Tables will share their assessment and rationale with the full group. (Depending on time.)


Table discussion

  • Name one thing you will do differently tomorrow after this session today, and one question you still have
    • Put responses on the flip chart paper
  • Share responses by table

Depart and make the world more accessible!