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LibraData User Guide

UVa's Local Instance of the Dataverse Software


Embargoes make file content inaccessible after a dataset version is published - until the embargo end date. This means that file previews and the ability to download files will be blocked.

To set am embargo:

  1. First upload the files to your dataset.
  2. From the dataset page, select your file(s) by clicking the checkbox next to each file, or by clicking the box at the top left of the file list to select all.
  3. Click “Edit Files” choose “Embargo”.
  4. In the embargo popup window, set the embargo end-date (max for UVa is 24 months) by selecting the date on the calendar, or by entering in the date in YYYY-MM-DD format.
  5. Give a short reason - The reason will display on the file page and in the file list under the description.
  6. Click “Save changes”.

Setting an embargo on files and publishing the dataset in Dataverse publicizes the persistent identifier (e.g. DOI) for the dataset and makes the metadata, and any the content of un-embargoed files immediately available, but automatically denies access to any embargoed files until the specified embargoes expire.

Users cannot change an embargo, on their own, once a dataset version is published. Please contact to correct mistakes or end an embargo early.