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LibraData User Guide

UVa's Local Instance of the Dataverse Software

Publish Dataset

When you publish a dataset (available to an Admin, Curator, or any custom role which has this level of permission assigned), you make it available to the public so that other users can browse or search for it. Once your dataset is ready to go public, go to your dataset page and click on the “Publish” button on the right hand side of the page. A pop-up will appear (see below) to confirm that you are ready to actually Publish since once a dataset is made public it can no longer be unpublished or deleted.

Whenever you edit your dataset, you much publish a new version of the dataset (re-publish the dataset for your changes to show publicly). The publish dataset button will reappear whenever you edit the metadata of the dataset or add or remove a file. See the tab Dataset Versions on the left for more information on versions.

Note: Prior to publishing your dataset the Data Citation will indicate that this is a draft but the “DRAFT VERSION” text will be removed as soon as you Publish.

Submit for Review (Law School Dataverse Collection Only)

The UVA Law School has set up their collection as "submit for review".  To Submit for Review, go to your dataset and click on the “Submit for Review” button, which is located next to the “Edit Dataset” button on the upper-right. Once Submitted for Review: the Admin or Curator for this Dataverse collection will be notified to review this dataset before they decide to either “Publish” the dataset or “Return to Author”. If the dataset is published the contributor will be notified that it is now published. If the dataset is returned to the author, the contributor of this dataset will be notified that they need to make modifications before it can be submitted for review again.