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LibraData User Guide

UVa's Local Instance of the Dataverse Software

Sharing Data and Other Products of Research

In most Data Management and Sharing plans you are required to indicate what repository you have chosen to share your data.

You can use the language  below to describe LibraData, the University of Virginia's data repository, in your plan:

"The sharable data and research materials will be deposited in the University of Virginia’s institutional repository LibraData, UVA’s local instance of Dataverse repository. LibraData assigns DOIs to each dataset which makes data searchable and discoverable by Datacite and other data search engines. The necessary metadata, documentation, code and other resources to make my data accessible and re-usable for future users will also be submitted. By depositing data and research materials in UVA’s Dataverse, the sharable research from this project will be discoverable and citable by others who wish to use it. The current preservation plan for Libra will be to preserve the data indefinitely. The Libra backup plan provides for data redundancy including off-site storage."