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LibraData User Guide

UVa's Local Instance of the Dataverse Software

Supported Metadata

A dataset contains three levels of metadata:

  1. Citation Metadata: any metadata that would be needed for generating a data citation and other general metadata that could be applied to any dataset;
  2. Domain specific Metadata: with specific support currently for Social Science, Life Science, Geospatial, and Astronomy datasets; and
  3. File-level Metadata: varies depending on the type of data file - see File Handling section).

For more details about what Citation and Domain specific metadata is supported please see the Metadata Reference section.

Supported Metadata Export Formats

Once a dataset has been published, its metadata can be exported in a variety of other metadata standards and formats, which help make datasets more discoverable and usable in other systems, such as other data repositories. On each dataset page’s metadata tab, the following exports are available:

  • Dublin Core
  • DDI (Data Documentation Initiative Codebook 2.5)
  • DDI HTML Codebook (A more human-readable, HTML version of the DDI Codebook 2.5 metadata export)
  • DataCite 4
  • JSON (native Dataverse format)
  • OpenAIRE

Each of these metadata exports contains the metadata of the most recently published version of the dataset.