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LibraData User Guide

UVa's Local Instance of the Dataverse Software

Private URL for Reviewing an Unpublished Dataset

Creating a Private URL for your dataset allows you to share your dataset (for viewing and downloading of files) before it is published to a wide group of individuals who may not have a user account on UVa’s Dataverse Repository. Anyone you send the Private URL to will not have to log into UVa’s Dataverse Repository to view the dataset.

  1. Go to your unpublished dataset
  2. Select the “Edit Dataset” button
  3. Select “Private URL” in the dropdown menu
  4. In the pop-up select “Create Private URL” or “Create URL for Anonymized Access”. The latter supports anonymous review by removing author names and other potentially identifying information from citations, version history tables, and some metadata fields
  5. Copy the Private URL which has been created for this dataset and it can now be shared with anyone you wish to have access to view or download files in your unpublished dataset.

Once published the private URL will no longer work. You must use the published DOI.

To disable a Private URL and to revoke access, follow the same steps as above until step #3 when you return to the popup, click the “Disable Private URL” button. Note that only one PrivateURL (normal or with anonymized access) can be configured per dataset at a time.