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Latinx Studies

Provides annotated links to scholarly resources of particular interest to students & faculty researching at U.Va.

     Chicanx/Latinx Studies at UVA: Library's Research Guide

This Library's Research Guide helps students, faculty and researchers navigate University of Virginia Library services and resources dealing with Latinx Studies.

Recognizing that we adopt what is possibly a controversial terminology in this guide, “Latin/x” and/or “Chican/x”, we believe these terms are the most inclusive options available today. By using these terms, we promote, support, and emphasize the intersecting identities of Latin American and/or South America descendants living in the United States.
These terms: 1) reinforce the belonging to all racial backgrounds, and as Tanisha Love Ramirez pointed out, “make room for people who are trans, queer, agender, non-binary, gender non-conforming or gender fluid”; 2) promote a cohesive postcolonial identity by confronting a language (and a legacy) imposed on the Americas by European traditions, and 3) recognize all of “nuestra gente” (our people) that conform this complex culture.