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Databases, research tools, and other useful resources related to Commerce.

World Intellectual Property Organization Reference Resources

  • PATENTSCOPE  The PATENTSCOPE database provides access to international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications in full text format on the day of publication, as well as to patent documents of participating national and regional patent offices.  The information may be searched by entering keywords, names of applicants, international patent classification and many other search criteria in multiple languages. 
  • Global Brand Database  The Global Brand Database makes it easier to search over 25,310,000 records relating to internationally protected trademarks, appellations of origin and armorial bearings, flags and other state emblems as well as the names, abbreviations and emblems of intergovernmental organizations. It database allows free of charge, simultaneous, brand-related searches across multiple collections. 
  • ROMARIN - International Trademark Search  The ROMARIN database allows you to search detailed information on all international marks registered under WIPO’s Madrid SystemThe database is updated daily and contains all Madrid System marks currently in force, those which have expired within the last six months, and those still under examination. 
  • Global Design Database  ​Via a single, intuitive interface, the Global Design Database enables free, simultaneous searches of more than 1,590,000 industrial designs registered under the WIPO-administered Hague System and/or in participating national collections.  
  • Hague Express Database  The Hague Express Database updated weekly, includes bibliographical data and, as far as international registrations governed exclusively or partly by the 1999 and/or by the 1960 Act(s) of the Hague Agreement are concerned, reproductions of industrial designs relating to international registrations that have been recorded in the International Register and published in the International Designs Bulletin as of issue No. 1/1999.  International registrations that have lapsed are not removed from the database.  
  • International Designs Bulletin  The Bulletin is the official publication of the Hague System. It contains data regarding new international registrations, renewals, and modifications affecting existing international registrations.  
  • Lisbon Express - Appelations of Origin  This database contains information on all the appellations of origin entered, in accordance with the Lisbon Agreement for the Protection of Appellations of Origin and their International Registration, in the international register kept by the WIPO International Bureau and which are in force. 
  • Article 6ter  Search for the State emblems, and names, abbreviations and other emblems of IGOs, which have been communicated for protection under Article 6ter.
  • WIPO Pearl  WIPO’s multilingual terminology portal gives access to scientific and technical terms derived from patent documents. It helps promote accurate and consistent use of terms across different languages, and makes it easier to search and share scientific and technical knowledge.  
  • ARDI - Research for Innovation  The Access to Research for Development and Innovation (ARDI) program is coordinated by WIPO together with its partners in the publishing industry with the aim to increase the availability of scientific and technical information in developing countries. Currently, 17 publishers provide access to around 20,000 journals, books, and reference works for 117 developing countries and territories through ARDI.  
  • WIPO Lex  ​WIPO Lex is a one-stop search facility for national laws and treaties on intellectual property (IP) of WIPO, WTO and UN Members. It also features related information which elaborates, analyzes and interprets these laws and treaties. It provides streamlined access to reference material of key importance for optimal information on the global IP System. 
  • WIPO International Classifications  ​Applicants for national or international IP protection are required to determine whether their creation is new or owned/claimed by someone else. To determine this, huge amounts of information must be searched. International classifications facilitate such searches by organizing information concerning inventions, trademarks and industrial designs into indexed, manageable structures for easy retrieval. 
  • IPStatistics Data Center  ​The WIPO IP Statistics Data Center is an on-line service enabling access to WIPO’s statistical data on intellectual property (IP) activity worldwide. Users can select from a wide range of indicators and view or download the latest available as well as historical data according to their needs.
  • Industrial Property Statistics Glossary  ​This glossary seeks to assist readers in better understanding key technical terms and concepts. Many of the terms are defined generically (e.g., “application”), but apply to several or all of the various forms of IP covered in this report. 
  • Country Profiles   ​These profiles provide quick access to the information for each country in multiple WIPO databases. Information is provided for both WIPO members and non-members.
  • Publications  ​The digital versions of our publications, studies and information products are available for download free-of-charge.  Some of our publications can also be purchased in paper format through print-on-demand services.