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Subject Liaisons for Academic Units

List of Subject liaisons by Subject, Name, Email, and phone number in the University of Virginia libraries

College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

African American Studies Kristal Sergent vju9mb@virginia.edu  434-243-5882
American Studies Chris Ruotolo ruotolo@virginia.edu 434-982-2652
Anthropology Erin Pappas ep7n@virginia.edu 434-924-4982
Archaeology Lucie Stylianopoulos lws4n@virginia.edu 434-924-6604
Art / Art History Lucie Stylianopoulos lws4n@virginia.edu 434-924-6604
Astronomy Ricky Patterson ricky@virginia.edu 434-243-2180
Biology STEM Librarian stem-librarian@virginia.edu  
Buddhist Studies Nawang Thokmey nt5y@virginia.edu 434-924-4981
Chemistry STEM Librarian stem-librarian@virginia.edu  
Classics Lucie Stylianopoulos lws4n@virginia.edu 434-924-6604
Contemplative Studies Nawang Thokmey nt5y@virginia.edu 434-924-4981
Drama Amy Hunsaker wph9ve@virginia.edu  
East Asian Language, Literature & Cultures Wei Wang ww5y@virginia.edu 434-243-6253
Economics   econ-librarian@virginia.edu  
English Sherri Brown slb4kt@virginia.edu 434-243-2104
Environmental Sciences Erich Purpur ep9k@virginia.edu 434-924-1557
French Miguel Valladares-Llata mav4n@virginia.edu 434-924-4983
German Miguel Valladares-Llata mav4n@virginia.edu 434-924-4983
Global Studies Dimitri Kastritsis yps4bc@virginia.edu  
History Keith Weimer kw6m@virginia.edu 434-924-7702
Jewish Studies Miguel Valladares-Llata mav4n@virginia.edu 434-924-4983
Latin American Studies Miguel Valladares-Llata mav4n@virginia.edu 434-924-4983
Linguistics Erin Pappas ep7n@virginia.edu 434-924-4982
Mathematics Ricky Patterson ricky@virginia.edu 434-243-2180
Media Studies Erin Pappas ep7n@virginia.edu 434-924-4982
Middle Eastern & South Asian Languages & Cultures Dimitri Kastritsis yps4bc@virginia.edu  
Music Amy Hunsaker wph9ve@virginia.edu 434-243-8433
Philosophy Chris Ruotolo ruotolo@virginia.edu 434-982-2652
Physics Ricky Patterson ricky@virginia.edu 434-243-2180
Politics Christine Slaughter cs7ww@virginia.edu 434-924-7410
Psychology Christine Slaughter cs7ww@virginia.edu 434-924-7410
Religious Studies Keith Weimer kw6m@virginia.edu 434-924-7702
Slavic Languages and Literatures Erin Pappas ep7n@virginia.edu 434-924-4982
Sociology Christine Slaughter cs7ww@virginia.edu 434-924-7410
Spanish  /  Italian   /  Portuguese Miguel Valladares-Llata mav4n@virginia.edu 434-924-4983
Statistics Erich Purpur ep9k@virginia.edu 434-924-1557
Tibetan Studies Nawang Thokmey nt5y@virginia.edu 434-924-4981
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Erin Pappas ep7n@virginia.edu 434-924-4982

Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy

School of Architecture

Architecture Rebecca Coleman rac8f@virginia.edu 434-243-4837
Architectural History and Preservation Rebecca Coleman rac8f@virginia.edu 434-243-4837
Landscape Architecture Rebecca Coleman rac8f@virginia.edu 434-243-4837
Urban & Environmental Planning Rebecca Coleman rac8f@virginia.edu 434-243-4837

School of Continuing and Professional Studies

School of Data Science

School of Data Science Jennifer Huck jhuck@virginia.edu 434-243-8480

School of Education and Human Development

All departments/program area guides:      
Curriculum, Instruction & Special Education Ashley Hosbach aeh5mg@virginia.edu 434-243-4465
Human Services Ashley Hosbach aeh5mg@virginia.edu 434-243-4465
Kinesiology Ashley Hosbach aeh5mg@virginia.edu 434-243-4465
Leadership, Foundations & Policy Ashley Hosbach aeh5mg@virginia.edu 434-243-4465

School of Engineering and Applied Science